Bukhara Rug Cleaning Crondall

Bukhara Rug Cleaning Crondall

Below are some images of a typical Bukhara rug which came in for cleaning from a customer in Crondall.  Bukhara rugs (sometimes spelt Bokhara amongst other variations) are easily distinguishable from the repeating pattern in the main field.  These small circular designs are known as ‘Guls’ and depict the cross section of a flower when looking from above.  These devices are also referred to as ‘Elephant Footprints’.

Pakistani Bukhara Rug Cleaning Crondall

Pakistani Bukhara Rug

Bukhara rugs are hand woven in Pakistan.  As with most hand made rugs, Bukharas come in different qualities, but generally speaking they are finely woven and very good value for money.  For this reason they are one of the most common rugs that we wash.  If they are looked after in the right way they’ll last for many years.

The rugs tend to be woven side by side on a loom before the resulting piece is taken down and cut into individual smaller pieces, resulting in a number of rugs.  The sides are then bound to finish each rug off.  The side cords are therefore not integral to the rug and can be a slight weakness.  One of the most common repairs that we undertake is to the side cords of Bukhara rugs, where the vacuum cleaner has caught the side (selvedge) and caused it to become detached.

Pakistani Bukhara Rug Cleaning Crondall

Distinctive overall pattern

Bukhara rugs are based on the design used by a group called ‘The Tekke’, a tribe of rug weavers from Turkmenistan.  Pakistani Bukhara rugs are woven on a cotton foundation, where Tekke rugs are woven on wool.  The Pakistani rugs are marketed and sold primarily in Bukhara which is how they came by their name.

Bukhara rugs use synthetic dyes and extra care has to be taken when washing as the dyes tend to be quite fugitive.  If you have a rug similar to the above that could benefit from a wash, then why not give us a call om 01276 423150.


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