Dust Removal – Rug Cleaning in Farnham

Dust Removal – Rug Cleaning in Farnham

Dust Removal - Rug Cleaning in Farnham

Soil and grit removed from 9’x6′ Persian rug

Dust Removal – Rug Cleaning in Farnham.  The first and one of the most important stages with specialist Persian and Oriental rug cleaning is the dusting step.  Rugs are very effective at trapping dust particles in their fibres.  Wool is a naturally absorbent fibre and acts as a filter by ‘cleaning’ the air that we breathe in our homes.  The woollen fibres trap and hold on to the pollutants, preventing them from becoming airborne, resulting in cleaner air for us to breathe.  If the soil is not removed periodically by a specialist rug cleaning company, the rug will then cease to efficient at filtering the air.  It’s just like any other filter – it needs to be cleaned to continue to work properly.

From time to time your rugs will need to be cleaned to remove the harmful and damaging soil.  Professional rug cleaning will ensure that all dust particles will be vibrated out of the fibres prior to the washing stage.  If this process is ignored, then all the soil will turn to mud during the rug washing process and can lead to all sorts of issues from colour run to foundation damage.

The image above shows the amount of soil that was removed from a 9’x6′ Persian rug which had a very worn pile.  We were not expecting this amount of soil to be removed from the rug due to the overall condition of the piece.

A rug can hold 1lb of soil per square foot before it begins to look dirty.  This is why it is so important to regularly clean your rugs before they start to look soiled.  Once they begin to visibly show signs of soiling it may be too late to restore completely.

It’s a good idea from time to time to turn your rugs over and run a vacuum with a rotating brush across the back side.  This will vibrate the pile, knocking some of the damaging soil out.

If you’d rather not have your rugs washed, then we do offer a dusting only service, giving you peace of mind that your rugs will be clear of damaging soil and working effectively at filtering the air in your home.

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