Dye Bleed Removal – Rug Cleaning Ascot

Dye Bleed Removal – Rug Cleaning Ascot

Dye Bleed Removal - Rug Cleaning Ascot

Dye Bleed Removal

Dye Bleed Removal – Rug Cleaning Ascot.

We were recently contacted by a customer to see if we offered a dye bleed removal service for a rug which needed cleaning in Ascot.  The rug in question was contaminated with pet urine stains.  In an attempt to clean the rug, the customer took the rug outside and hosed down in their driveway.  This resulted in the dye bleeding into the rug’s fringe.

We collected the rug which was still wet and had been so for a couple of weeks.  The customer was informed that we can attempt treatment but cannot guarantee results.

The first course of action was to remove all excess moisture in the rug, followed by an antimicrobial treatment to prohibit any bacteria growth.  The rug was then given a full wash including a urine treatment to release and flush all urine salts.

After the wash process we then tackled the dye bleed using sodium hydrosulpite.  We tested very carefully with dilution ratios and temperature until we achieved the desired results.  As you can see from the image above the dye removal treatment was very successful.

The main problem with this rug was the fact that it was contaminated with urine in the first place.  This made the possibility of dye bleed more likely.  When the urine first makes contact with the rug it is usually warm and acidic, but over a period of a few days it turns more alkaline and can sometimes leave a yellow stain which is usually permanent.  The alkalinity will attack the acid dyes causing them to become weaker and more likely to run should any cleaning be attempted.

The best course of action, should you be faced with a similar problem, is to absorb the stain as much as possible with kitchen towel and then apply 50/50 mixture of water and clear vinegar.  Allow the mixture to dwell for a few minutes and absorb again.  This will prevent pH shift and protect the integrity of the dyes.


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