Moth Damage – Rug Cleaning Egham

Moth Damage – Rug Cleaning Egham.  An Indian rug recently came into our shop for cleaning from a customer in Egham which had signs of moth damage.  There were no signs of live moths actually present within the fibres or on the back of the rug.

The main indicator that moths were, at some point, eating the wool on this rug can be seen in the image below.  The foundation of the rug can be clearly seen were the wool has been nibbled away.  The moths will not eat the cotton, so the foundation remains undamaged.  This type of damage can occur quite quickly and unnoticed as it’s happening underneath the rug and out of sight.

Moth Damage - Rug Cleaning Egham

Moth damage to back side of an Indian rug.

There is a very good chance that this rug may be exposed to further moth damage in the future, even though there is no signs of living moths at present.  It’s very likely that there will be moth eggs lying dormant within the rug’s fibres, waiting for the right conditions to hatch out and start feasting.  Once the eggs do hatch out then you will notice what appears to be grains of rice, either on the back or within the rugs fibres on the front.  They look harmless enough as you very rarely notice them moving.  This is the moth larvae and they can be very destructive, vey quickly.  If there is a food source and the conditions are desirable, the larvae can live for up to three years happily eating your rug before turning into an adult.  The adults do not eat – the larvae does.


Moth Damage - Rug Cleaning Egham

Moth damage to rug side cord

Moth eggs can be very difficult to remove, even during the rug cleaning process.  So we recommend a preventative treatment that we can apply after the rug cleaning process.  The treatment will discourage any future larvae from eating your precious rug, while deterring adult moths from laying more eggs.

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