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Rug Care Elstead

Oriental Rug Spa offer a specialist Persian, Oriental and Contemporary rug cleaning in Elstead.  We also offer a rug repair service.  If you own a dirty or soiled rug that needs professional cleaning, then why not give us a call on 01276 423150.  You can drop the rug into our wash facility or arrange a time for us to collect from you.

The rug wash process required can differ from rug to rug, so we offer various methods of rug cleaning, from full immersion washing to dry cleaning.  All rug fibres can be cared for - wool, cotton, silk, viscose, rayon.  We can carry out a pet stain and odour treatment, moth treatment and apply a fibre protection to resist against soiling and staining.  We have extensive experience with cleaning antique rugs and rugs with unstable dyes and offer a rug repair service, including fringes, sides and pile reweaving.

Dry Soil Removal

Rug Cleaning Elstead, Godalming, Surrey

Dry Soil Removal

Dry Soil removal is the primary step which is essential prior to fully washing any rug.  Without effectively removing as much soil as possible can cause issues during the wash, during drying and once the rug is used again after washing.  Dry soil is made up of all sorts of pollutants, such as dead skin, dust mites, germs and bacteria.  The abrasive soil is similar to sand which is made of silica.  Silica is one of the main properties of glass.  All these small particles have very small sharp edges that cut into the rug's woollen fibres every time your body-weight compresses the fibres as the rug is walked upon.  Wool is a natural protein fibre which can easily be cut.  If this soil is not regularly removed then your rugs will start to show signs of wear.

TIP - Occasionally flip your rugs over and run a vacuum cleaner (with a vibrating beater bar) over thew back.  This will vibrate the rug and release a certain amount of soil.

As with all hand knotted and machine made rugs, cleaning should never be attempted in the home using detergent based solutions which could compromise the dyes.  Professional cleaning would be recommended to prolong the life and maintain the appearance of these wonderful pieces of floor art.

If you have a machine made rug that would benefit from a spa treatment, then why not give us a call on 01276 423 150 to get a quote and advice.


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