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Recent Reviews

“I found these rug specialists to be professional, insightful, helpful and
efficient. They gave me informed judgement about my rug enabling
me to make a choice about what I wanted them to do with it. They
know their stuff – I can recommend them highly and will be returning.”

S Wright – Persian & Wilton Rug Cleaning, Camberley, Surrey

January 2022
“Old Persian rugs cleaned and repaired! amazing service , rugs are
renovated and look fantastic! Would recommend this company 200%!”

Mr & Mrs Wickens – Persian Rug Cleaning, Camberley, Surrey

December 2021
“A very friendly and professional job done by Dan & his team. Good advice
re ongoing care was also given. Would highly recommend to anyone
looking for peace of mind & reasonable pricing”

Mr Roddan – Chinese Rug Cleaning, Bisley, Woking, Surrey

December 2021
“Excellent service, we had taken our rug, complete with dirty fringes to be
cleaned. We collected one week later. The fringes were white! The rug
beautifully cleaned and the pile was soft. Great service, would highly recommend ”

Shirley Lambert – Chinese Rug Cleaning, Wokingham, Berkshire

December 2021
“Dan was very professional. The Oriental Rug spa has done a great job of cleaning
a Moroccan rug that had never been previously cleaned – it looks much better now”

Eleanor Wright – Moroccan Rug Cleaning, Windsor, Berkshire

December 2021

“The team at Oriental Rug Spa renewed my faith that companies can
still deliver top notch customer service. They were accommodating to
our requirements, helped us out when there were building works delays
and returned our rugs to us in beautiful, clean condition. Dan was positive,
professional and engaging. My husband and I heartily recommend the
Oriental Rug Spa! In fact, we sent Dan away with another rug to clean.”

Nancy Loates-Taylor – Chinese and Persian Rug Cleaning, Dorking, Surrey

December 2021
“Excellent friendly and reliable service. Dan, who I met, is passionate
about his carpets. Highly recommended”

Neil Flint – Wool Rug Cleaning, Sunningdale, Berkshire

December 2021
“Brilliant service and result from Dan and his team, at Oriental Rug Spa, who are
very professional and pleasant to deal with. My very large Afghan rug was cleaned
to an exceptional standard!”

Theresa Higgs – Afghan Rug Cleaning, Reading, Berkshire

December 2021
“The service provided was to clean two oriental rugs. The service was well performed
and carried out within the agreed timescale. There was one problem area on one of
the rugs but we were informed of this before agreeing to the service. I expect to use
this service again, if needed, and have no concern in recommending this company”

Mr & Mrs Wareham – Afghan & Pakistani Rug Cleaning, Dummer, Basingstoke, Hampshire

November 2021
“Our large Chinese rug is over 40 years old & has never been professionally cleaned
before. When it came back we were delighted to see that nearly every stain had come
out. The pile has fluffed, it feels lovely & looks really clean; the sheen to the surface
has returned. Throughout the process we were expertly advised & kept well informed
with everything confirmed in emails. Could not fault the service, very pleased”

Mrs Thompson – Chinese Rug Cleaning, Upton Grey, Basingstoke, Hampshire

November 2021
“Dan was very polite, professional and well informed, and
fully explained the process. The service he offers is very thorough
and he did an excellent job. Great communication, kept us informed
at all times. We were initially slightly put off by the price, but it was
worth it and our rug has been revamped and will last another 20 years!”

Mrs Beresford-Davies – Kelim Rug Cleaning, Cliddesden, Basingstoke, Hampshire

November 2021
“I am absolutely delighted with the cleaning of my oriental rugs.
Dan and Anita offer an excellent service, I was kept informed of
progress at different stages and I felt my custom was really
important to them. I would certainly use this company again and
can strongly recommend it.”

Mrs Le Roux – Turkish Rug Cleaning, Hartley Wintney, Hampshire

November 2021
“Advice on my Middle Eastern rugs was amazing, I was
advised colours would run on, hence did not waste my
money on having these done. Three Kilim have just arrived
back – the colours are so bright and vibrant again they look
like new. Dan’s expertise & advice was invaluable. Thank you”

Annie – Rug Cleaning, Surrey

November 2021
“Oriental Rug Spa cleaned our Kashmiri rug. We
were pleased with the results and would
recommend their services for cleaning valued carpets”

Mr Robertson – Rug Cleaning, Woking, Surrey

November 2021
“We had a Chinese and a Persian Carpet cleaned and protected.
The Chinese carpet was just needing a refresh, the Persian carpet
was very dusty and dark. The results have been quite stunning,
particularly the Persian carpet: vibrant colours restored, the material
revived and no longer ‘flat’. Outstanding service and value”

Mr & Mrs Greenwood – Rug Cleaning, Ash Vale, Aldershot

November 2021
“Disaster struck when our aquarium dumped dirty
fishy water on a favourite carpet. It is now back,
restored to its former glory. A great service, and
great people who go that extra mile.”

Mr & Mrs Douetil – Afghan Rug Cleaning, Pirbright, Woking

November 2021

“I had 5 oriental rugs that needed cleaning; one
of which is approx 3m x 2.5m, a huge rug! They
all have been cleaned beautifully and I am
delighted with the service. Picked up at home
and delivered back to me”

Mrs G – Rug Cleaning, Englefield Green, Egham

October 2021
“Our puppy decided our wool rug was the best spot to
practice her toilet training. Dan talked me through the
process, sent a quote, collected the rug and then returned
it – and now it doesn’t smell at all! Really nice, professional
service and our rug has been saved!”

Porter Crane – Wool Rug Cleaning, Wokingham, Berkshire

October 2021
“Prompt, efficient and helpful, this company provides an
excellent service and is highly recommended. My rugs
hadn’t been cleaned for 30 years and were returned looking
as good as new!”

Mrs D – Pakistani Rug Cleaning, Sunningdale, Ascot, Berkshire

September 2021
“The service was excellent. Our dog has no respect of an expensive rug!
It was in an awful state so we are delighted with the great job of
renovation that has been done. Well done!”

Phil – Nain Rug Cleaning, Crowthorne, Berkshire

August 2021
“Got Dan’s leaflet in the post at a time I was looking for a professional company
to clean our Nepalese rug. From our first call it became clear that Dan was an
expert – he reviewed our rug pictures and confirmed its authenticity by the threads
and patterns. The rug was thoroughly cleaned and delivered on time. Dan also
provided advice on ongoing cleaning and maintenance. Very positive experience
and very happy with the result!”

A Burnham – Nepalese Wool Rug Cleaning, Datchet, Berkshire

July 2021
“Cleaned my silk rug beautifully, so pleased to have found this local company.
Service was prompt and very professional. Thank you.”

GM – Chinese Silk Rug Cleaning, Farnborough, Hampshire

April 2021
“Having looked at several websites to find a professional rug cleaning service
to deal with our Persian rug we selected ‘Oriental Rug Spa’. We were not disappointed.
Very friendly with an obvious knowledge of cleaning speciality rugs. Our rug was
picked up promptly with the promise of a two week turnaround. As promised our rug
was delivered back and was beautifully cleaned. Great job and we would highly
recommend this company.”

Vaughan – Persian Qashgai Rug Cleaning, Walton-On-Thames, Surrey.

April 2021
“Amazing results and very professional. I own a bamboo silk rug which was
pet soiled and now it looks new. Highly recommend.”

Nigel – Iwan Maktabi Contemporary Bamboo Silk Rug Cleaning, East Sussex

March 2021
“I brought 2 rugs in to be cleaned – one Persian and one Indian, never having
been cleaned before. They were looking tired and smelly. Dan brought them
back to life, in fact they looked better than when they were new! I am very
pleased with the results and would highly recommend using them.”

Christine – Persian Wool and Silk Tabriz plus Kashmir Wool and Cotton
Rug Cleaning, Southampton.

March 2021
“We had our 30 year old rug cleaned by Oriental Rug Spa. We were delighted with
the result – never been properly cleaned since we bought it and it has been refreshed
and brightened and is almost as good as new (unfortunately even Dan’s skills could
not entirely remove an ancient stain from our puppy in 2002!) Communication was
excellent from the first response to our online query. The rug was collected from us
and returned a week later. We are very pleased with the result. Highly recommended.”
Mrs Coates – Kashmir Silk Rug Cleaning, Esher, Surrey
February 2021
“We bought our silk Chinese rug about 40 years ago and it was looking a little
tired and its fringe was very tattered having been caught in the vacuum cleaner
many times. We contacted Oriental Rug Spa to see what could be done and the
results are amazing, the old fringe was carefully unpicked and very cleverly
replaced with a new one which looks original. At the same time we had it cleaned
which has restored its original lustre – thank you Dan for an excellent job.”
Paulette L – Chinese Silk Rug Cleaning and Repair, Cobham, Surrey
December 2020
“We had our Afghan and Persians rugs cleaned, really pleased with the results.
They had been down for 19 years and we had no idea what could be done to
revitalise them. I had time to chat “carpets” to the owner and he really knows
his way around good carpets. You can trust him to do a really professional job.
Both carpets now look fantastic again.”
John – Afghan and Persian Rug Cleaning, Camberley, Surrey
December 2020
“Thanks to Dan and the team at Oriental Rug Spa. Great service underpinned
by expert knowledge, important factors when trusting someone with the care
of an expensive and antique rug. I will be happy to use their service again”
Mr Staveley – Afghan Rug Cleaning, Windsor, Berkshire
December 2020
“Dan provided a highly professional service thoughout. He clearly explained
both the cleaning and repair service to us. Our carpets are over 30 years old
and well loved. We are very pleased with the finished result. An excellent service”
Mrs Harwood – Chinese & Pakistani Rug Cleaning, Reading, Berkshire
December 2020
“I had my Afghan rug cleaned and repaired. When it came back, it was beautiful,
the repair work excellently done. I’m pleased to have my old ‘friend’ back and
revitalised. Dan was kind courteous and professional. I have no hesitation in
recommending Dan and his co-workers.”
Ms Walley – Afghan Rug Cleaning, Guildford, Surrey
November 2020
“Felt very comfortable to have him handle our valuable rugs.
The carpets were professionally cleaned, dried and returned
on time and as promised. We were extremely pleased with
the work and I highly recommend them.”
Mr Taaghol – Persian Rug Cleaning, Reading, Berkshire
November 2020
“Great service, easy to use. I found details on their website and called
up for a quote. They were knowledgeable and helpful. My rug was
collected, beautifully cleaned and delivered back to me at home.
Both Dan and Anita are a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended.”
Mrs Plush – Persian Rug Cleaning, Hurst, Reading, Berkshire
October 2020
“Your service is first class, both in terms of the quality of the cleaning
and in the way you and Anita relate to your customers. Our carpets
are back in our sitting room and they look just great”
Mr and Mrs Pink – Rug Cleaning, St Johns, Woking, Surrey
October 2020
“I can’t believe how beautiful our Chinese rug
looks after a visit to the Spa! Incredible
improvement and great service, thank you”
Ms Pattison – Chinese Rug Cleaning, Hartley Wintney, Hampshire
September 2020
“Needed a rug cleaned that had become quite dirty
The Oriental Rug Spa requested photos, measurements
& were able to provide a quote over the phone. A couple
of weeks later I picked it up and was very impressed as to
how clean it was. I would highly recommend”
Mr Stacey – Afghan Rug Cleaning, Ascot, Berkshire
September 2020
“Dan was very helpful and although I lived out of his collection
area he took delivery of my rug and worked wonders with it.
Would definitely recommend and use again!”
Ms Wright – Indian Rug Cleaning, Epsom, Surrey
July 2020
“The service I have received has been outstanding and
despite the age of the rug, the colours have been restored
to their former hue. I would not hesitate to recommend”
Ms Welch – Turkish Rug Cleaning, Farnham, Surrey
July 2020
“Excellent service and a great result.”
Mr Padina – Contemporary Rug Cleaning, Camberley, Surrey
July 2020
“What a wonderful service! Their breadth
of knowledge & specific advice was excellent
& very reassuring. They went out of their
way to make dropping off & picking up easy,
& most importantly the rug has come up beautifully”
Mrs Leyton-Smith – Pakistani Bukhara Rug Cleaning, Windsor, Berkshire
March 2020
“Excellent service, a number of rugs
were collected, cleaned and returned
in very quick time. Dan had a good
knowledge of the rugs and how to treat them”
Ms Fripp – Chinese, Turkish, Persian, Afghan
& Caucasian Rug Cleaning, Pirbright, Woking, Surrey

February 2020
“A friendly & professional company. Dan is very
knowledgeable & was happy to give us details
of the cleaning process. I am thrilled-my pale
coloured Indian wool rug looks as good as new”
Mrs R – Indian Rug Cleaning, Farnham, Surrey
February 2020
“Very quick and efficient service , rug looks beautiful”
Joanne Horgan – Chinese Silk Rug Cleaning, Weybridge, Surrey
January 2020
“This is a delightful company to
do business with. Dan & Anita
are so helpful & friendly. My two
grubby rugs now look like new,
far better than I expected.
Thoroughly recommend their service”
Ms Manterfield – Turkish Milas Rug Cleaning, Esher, Surrey
January 2020
“The customer service was second to none,
quality of work faultless, price realistic,
time scale as quoted . I have no
reservations about endorsing this service”
Mr Orton – Machine Made Rug Cleaning, Frimley, Surrey
January 2020
“Wonderful service again”
Ms Jeffs – Silk Rug Cleaning, Hook, Hampshire
December 2019
“Dan gave us lots of confidence
with his knowledge & careful
approach. I’m overwhelmed by how
amazing my carpet now looks & feels.
I fully recommend Dan & Oriental Rug
Spa to bring your carpet back to life!”
Mrs NS – Kashan Rug Cleaning, Winkfield, Berkshire
December 2019

“Oriental Rug Spa responded quickly to
my initial enquiries & visited quickly to
quote. I was kept in the loop at all times
& the rug has come up beautifully. Not
cheap but very good value for money.
Excellent customer service. Nice people”
Jo Metcalf – Chinese Rug Cleaning, Reading, Berkshire
December 2019
“An excellent job done on all
three of my rugs, with an especially
obvious improvement on the
Chinese. Very friendly, rapid and
excellent service”
Mr Howard – Afghan, Chinese & Wilton Rug Cleaning, Frimley, Surrey
December 2019
“Excellent professional service and a
superb job done on a very old, very
dirty, damaged rug, which now looks
fantastic! Thank you so much”
Mr & Mrs Glicker – Chinese Rug Cleaning, Woking, Surrey
November 2019
“Excellent service and result. I highly
recommend their efficient services”
Christa Brazier – Nepalese Rug Cleaning, Camberley, Surrey
November 2019
““You have done a great job cleaning
my rug. Thank you”
Ms Bartlett – Afghan Rug Cleaning, Farnborough, Hampshire
November 2019
“I was extremely pleased with the service
received from Dan. My rug was in need of
a great deal of TLC and repair. The rug
came back skilfully repaired, bright and clean!”
Dr Travers – Antique Malayer Rug Cleaning, Cobham, Surrey
November 2019
“Many thanks for a wonderful job, the
colours came up bright & clear. I am so
very pleased with the care & charming
service; my rug was a gift from my father
& has deep sentimental value”
Mrs Lockyer – Persian Rug Cleaning, Ascot, Berkshire
October 2019
“Very happy with the professional and
congenial service, including care advice
for our rugs. Rugs look and feel beautiful
again. Thank you”
C Revell – Persian Rug Cleaning, Effingham, Surrey
October 2019
“An absolute pleasure to deal with
and beyond happy with our two rugs,
will definitely use The Oriental Spa again.
Big thanks to Dan and the team”
Ms Pitman – Nepalese Rug Cleaning, Oxshott, Surrey
October 2019
“Fantastic quality and service! Very pleased.
It took a bit longer than expected, but as a
bonus we got free repair of sidecords. The
rug looks as new! Was worth it!”
Mr Saveliev – Hall Rug Cleaning, Cobham, Surrey
October 2019
“We are very pleased with the professional service provided.
Both the rugs look like new after a very thorough clean and
one was repaired to a very high standard.We will certainly
use the company again.”
Mrs Dewson – Turkish Rug Cleaning, West Byfleet, Surrey
September 2019
“We were so impressed with
Dan & the service he offered. 
Our rug looks like new, will
most definitely use him again
& highly recommend”
Mrs Andrews – Rug Cleaning
July 2019

“Repeat customer for one reason:
friendly efficient service with results
of my rug cleaning speaking for itself.
Can thoroughly recommend”
G Faldo – Nepalese Rug Cleaning, Ascot, Berkshire
July 2019
“The expertise & knowledge of
rugs shows the true passion the
Oriental Rug Spa have for their
trade. Its reflected in the quality
of their work & our rejuvenated rug”
Chris – Persian Rug Cleaning, Ascot
July 2019

“Dan provides an excellent
service; he transformed our
dirty smelly rug (naughty cats!)
and it is now as good as new”
Sheila Newey – Machine Woven Rug Cleaning, Sandhurst, Berkshire
July 2019
“Dan definitely knows his stuff. To
our surprise we got back colours
in the carpet which we had forgotten.
I’m amazed & our recommendation
comes without ANY reservations”
Dr Smith – Chinese Rug Cleaning, Hersham, Surrey
July 2019

“Thank you for reviving my
rug so beautifully. It really
looks like new. Your service is
excellent, very efficient & I would
certainly recommend your business”
Mrs Corps – Rug Cleaning, Elstead, Farnham, Surrey
July 2019
“Very professional, respectful,
knowledgeable & prompt in
their service. Quotes are given
on the 1st visit with different options
explained. Very friendly too”
Ms Page – Persian Rug Cleaning, Windlesham, Surrey
May 2019
“My deep pile shaggy rug was absolutely
filthy & difficult to clean – It looks as
good as new or at least as near to it as
possible! Highly recommend the Oriental
Rug Spa”
Anne Thomas – Deep Pile Rug Cleaning, West Horsley, Surrey
May 2019
“Fantastic professional, friendly service
from Dan & Anita – my two Persian rugs
have been fully restored & look beautiful
Mrs Dalrymple – Rug Cleaning, Frimley, Camberley, Surrey
May 2019
“Fantastic, personal service. Happy
with the results!”
Jenny – Rug Cleaning, Addlestone
April 2019
“Extremely pleased with the service from
Dan & Anita. Dan assessed our rug, was
very friendly & professional.They were very
considerate of the personal attachment &
the rug was rejuvenated!”
Julie Edwards – Rug Cleaning, Odiham
April 2019
“Excellent job and helpful and friendly
service. I would definitely recommend
this company”
Manda Tinkler – Rug Cleaning, E Horsley
March 2019
“Very friendly service my carpets were
cleaned and repaired to look like new –
very pleased”
Elizabeth Marsh – Rug Cleaning, Fleet
March 2019
“Very friendly professional service with
easy parking. Always a plus!”
Mrs McCarten – Wool & Silk Rug Cleaning, Ascot
March 2019
“Polite, prompt and professional”
Mrs Davies – Flokati Rug Cleaning, Knaphill
February 2019
“My Indian rug is over 30 years old,
never been cleaned before and came
up like new. Many thanks Dan, an excellent job”
Mr Thackray – Kashmir Wool Rug Cleaning, Epsom
February 2019
“Delighted we choose Dan to clean &
protect our large wool Chinese
rug. He did an excellent job, with the
rug returning to its previous lustre.
He was knowledgeable, punctual & a
friendly guy. Recommend without hesitation”
Mr Davies – Chinese Rug Cleaning, Weybridge
January 2019
“Dan was very thorough in his
inspection of the rug & offered 3
cleaning options, the results were
fantastic! The colour has brightened,the
pile is softer, stains gone & all dust removed”
Paul & Sue – Gabbeh Rug Cleaning, Yateley
January 2019
“Highly professional service, kind and
friendly. The rather delicate rugs that
were cleaned for me look splendid.”
Mr McGrail – Woollen Rug Cleaning, Windsor
January 2019
“Our Kilim rug was cleaned and
repaired very well and within the
suggested timescale. Thank you
Dan and Anita”
Mr Fraser – Killim Rug Cleaning, Odiham
January 2019
“We were extremely pleased to see our
Chinese rug looking as good as new
after Dan had worked on it, now we can’t
wait to bring them along the other carpets.
Thank you for your help – the rug looks beautiful”
Mrs Rushton – Chinese Rug Cleaning, Frimley Green
January 2019
“Dan did a fantastic job on our rug which
had been neglected over the years. They
really do know what they are talking about,
I am glad we trusted them. I have fallen
back in love with my rug”
Mr & Mrs Such – Kashmiri SIlk Rug Cleaning, Sandhurst
December 2018
“Not cheap, but our well used rugs returned
with the colours clearer and the fringes much
whiter than before. Communication was excellent,
and Dan kept our appointments to the minute”
Peter Ward – Afghan & Bukhara Rug Cleaning, Odiham
November 2018
“We had a number of rugs that needed
some repairs & cleaning. The service from
start to finish was first class. My rugs were
returned to me looking amazing. Great service”
Mrs Wall – Rug Cleaning, Cobham
November 2018
“Honestly, a fantastic service, my rug returned
actually better than it was when I bought it!!”
Ms Porter – Moroccan Rug Cleaning, Claygate, Esher
November 2018
“Excellent service, my rugs look like new!”
Beth H – Persian Rug Cleaning, Guildford
October 2018
“We had forgotten how beautiful our
rug really is, until we saw it cleaned and
repaired by Oriental Rug Spa. Thank you!”
Mr & Mrs Giles -Wool & Silk Bukhara Rug Cleaning, Hartley Wintney
October 2018
“Good company to deal with – pleasant,
helpful & did a very thorough job. Their
prices seem quite high, but given that our
rugs look completely refreshed,we are
content that we chose the right firm”
Mrs Wheeler – Chinese Persian, Chinese Silk & Afghan Kazak Rug Cleaning, Oxshott
October 2018
“Extremely pleased with the service I
received from Dan & the staff. We had
2 rugs cleaned & a repair to a silk rug.
Would highly recommend this service,
the carpets certainly look much better! “
Mr & Mrs Wood – Pakistani & Afghan Rug Cleaning, Farnham
October 2018
“Dan was incredibly helpful . Had three large
and expensive Stepevi rigs which smelt of
dogs. Did an amazing job and rugs now fine .
Would highly recommend”
Paul Chiimu – Stepevi Rug Cleaning, Salisbury
September 2018
“I am very pleased with the service provided. My
rugs have been cleaned and repaired expertly
and look beautiful and jewel like again. Thank you”
Mrs Smith – Bakhtiar & Kashan Rug Cleaning, Milford, Godalming
September 2018
“Comprehensive advice followed by excellent service.
Delighted with the results, a carpet that looks like new”
Mr Crossley – Persian Rug Cleaning, Woking
September 2018
“Excellent service. Fast, friendly and professional. My rug is
rejuvenated, thank you”
Jan C – Sitting Room Rug Cleaning, Egley Road
September 2018
“Having had my rug cleaned over the years and never been very happy
with the various companies I have used I was delighted with the service
and the courtesy I received from Oriental Spa. Nothing was too much
trouble a very good job was done and I’ll certainly recommend them to my friends”
Mrs Bridson – Indian Wool Rug Cleaning, Milford, Godalming, Surrey
September 2018
“Great service. I moved house while they had the rugs
and they returned them wonderfully clean and vibrant.
40-year-old rugs brought back to life.”
Mrs Daniell – Azeri and Turkish Rug Cleaning, Winchfield, Hook, Hampshire
September 2018
“I found the Oriental Rug Spa to be reliable and
professional. I was kept in touch with their progress
and their house visits were always at the times
arranged.The finished result could not be faulted”
Mrs Powell – Sitting Room Rug Cleaning, West Horsley, Leatherhead, Surrey
August 2018
“Great service and fantastic results. Every aspect of the
service was completed with amazing attention to detail
and politeness. I would recommend to anyone”
Mrs Wilkinson – Afghan Ziegler Rug Cleaning, Milford, Godalming, Surrey
August 2018
“My 30+ year old rug is looking much brighter, all
stains removed or undetectable & feeling much softer.
The cleaning process reflected our wish to avoid harsh
chemicals. Money very well spent”
A Satisfied Customer – Machine Made Rug Cleaning, Walton-On-Thames, Middlesex
July 2018
“Dan was extremely helpful and we felt our rug was in
good hands. When returned it was as good as new. We
are extremely pleased with the service and would have
no hesitation in recommending this company to friends”
Mrs Reeves – Bukhara Rug Cleaning, Sandhurst, Berkshire
July 2018
“1st class service very pleased with results a carpet back to life”
Mr and Mrs Herring – Turkish Kars Rug Cleaning, Virginia Water, Surrey
June 2018
“My 25 year old well worn kilim was in dire need of being repaired
and cleaned. Dan brought it back this morning with both frayed
and damaged ends beautifully restored”
Mrs Whittle – Turkish Kilim Rug Cleaning and Repair Frimley Green, Camberley, Surrey
June 2018
“We would have no hesitation in recommending your cleaning
and repair services which we found to be of a very high
standard. The rug and fringe both now look as good as new”
Mr & Mrs Gordon – Bukhara Rug Cleaning and Repair Shalford, Guildford, Surrey
June 2018
“We would have no hesitation in recommending your cleaning and
repair services which we found to be of a very high standard. The rug
and fringe both now look as good as new”
Mr and Mrs Gordon – Wool Bukhara Rug Cleaning Shalford, Guildford, Surrey
June 2018
“Our 25 year old rug looks almost brand new again. The upper
surface is now back to the same colours as the underneath –
a wonderful job, worth every penny”
Mr and Mrs Kemp – Silk Chinese Rug Cleaning Bramley, Guildford, Surrey
June 2018
“We arrived home last night to find our rugs beautifully clean.
Thanks for a great job!”
Mr Cairns – Chinese and Indian Rug Cleaning Walton-On-Thames, Surrey
May 2018
“We had our Turkish rug cleaned and repaired and we were very
impressed with both the work done and the very professional service
which we received. We would use this company again”
Mrs Harker – Turkish Milas Rug Cleaning Cobham, Surrey
April 2018
“Dan is professional, really knowledgeable and very personable. Our
four rugs have been returned looking new. The quality of the work
is quite exceptional. Highly recommend this fantastic company”
Mrs Aitken – Persian Rug Cleaning Hinchley Wood, Esher, Surrey
April 2018
“Dan came to quote, explaining the process and its limitations. The rug
looks fantastic. 10 years of dirt has gone, I am really pleased.We
would definitely use the Oriental Rug Spa again”
Mr Harper – Indian Rug Cleaning Henley, Berkshire
April 2018
“We thank you for the efficient, courteous service provided in relation
to each of the rugs which we entrusted to your care”
Mr and Mrs Smythe – Persian and Turkish Rug Cleaning Windlesham, Surrey
April 2018
“I should like to thank you very much indeed for your excellent service
in fetching and returning the rugs in very good time, and also for the big
difference that your cleaning service has made to the look and feel of the rugs”
Mrs Greene – Belgian Wilton and Indian Rug Cleaning Farnham, Surrey
March 2018
“I can’t thank Dan and the team at Oriental rug spa enough.
My rugs look like new and the service has been exceptional
from start to finish. I would thoroughly recommend Oriental rug spa”
Mr Knights – Turkish and Belgian Rug Cleaning Wargrave, Reading, Berkshire
March 2018
“We are very pleased with the results of the cleaning of
our Turkish rug by The Oriental Rug Spa. It was very dirty
and is now exquisitely clean”
Mrs Tippett – Turkish Runner Rug Cleaning Egham, Surrey.

February 2018
“Very satisfied customer. Excellent fast service. Would recommend this company to anyone”
Mr V – Turkish Kars Rug Cleaning Hook, Hampshire.

February 2018
“My 30 year old rug looked faded & dull, but after care
from The Oriental Rug Spa I am amazed & pleased to see
it looks like new again. I would definitely recommend your
company and services to friends”
Mrs Wilkinson – Hexagonal Rug Cleaning Bagshot, Surrey.
February 2018
“Dan came across as very knowledgeable, so we entrusted
him with our rug, which has now been restored it to its
former glory. We thoroughly recommend this business &
will be taking another rug there soon”
Mr & Mrs Pelham – Pakistani Bukhara rug Cleaning Camberley, Surrey.
February 2018

“Fast, efficient service, value for money pricing and
undertaken by people passionate & extremely
knowledgeable about their business. No hesitation
to use again or recommend”
Elizabeth D – Persian Ardebil rug Cleaning Walton on Thames, Surrey.
January 2018
“We cannot praise Oriental Rug Spa highly enough. Dan
was very knowledgeable & Importantly, he did not over-
promise. We are absolutely delighted with the results &
thought the cost most reasonable”
Mr Wilkie – Chinese & Moroccan Rug Cleaning Weybridge, Surrey

January 2018
“Our rug, a family heirloom, looks amazing & is like new.
A big thank you to the Oriental Rug Spa for cleaning and
preserving a really nice rug. It now has pride of place
in our house”
Mr Simpson – Persian rug Cleaning Frimley, Camberley, Surrey.

January 2018

“Excellent restoration of an old wool rug. There were a
choice of services and the final result was very pleasing.
I recommend Oriental Rug Spa to anyone seeking a
complete professional service “
Mr Powell – Chinese rug Cleaning Bracknell, Berkshire.
January 2018
“Thank you so much for repairing and cleaning our
runner. It looks like new. The original colour had become
very dull and when it was returned the colours were
vibrant, we are delighted”
Mrs Grinter – Turkish Milas Runner Cleaning Tongham, Farnham, Surrey.
December 2017
“Oriental Rug Spa did an amazing job on our stained rug, other
professional cleaners had tried to remove the stains but they kept
coming back and trapping dirt so that it looked worse. 3 weeks
later our clean, stain free rug was returned by the Oriental Rug Spa
& laid back in place – it is still looking amazing”
Ms Lancaster – Silk Rug Cleaning, Chiddingfold, Godalming, Surrey.

November 2017
“I couldn’t be more impressed – Dan quoted, took the
rug away, cleaned it & returned it in a week. I would
have no hesitation in using the firm again. Thank you”
BJ Norton – Chinese Rug Cleaning, Weybridge, Surrey.
October 2017
“We looked at various companies to clean our precious
silk rug, Oriental Rug Spa was the best price & inspired
the most confidence & the result was perfect. My advice
is if you want your rug cleaned, this is the company to
choose. They don’t cut corners & really know what they’re doing.”
Mr Waite – Kashmir Silk Rug Cleaning, Esher, Surrey.
October 2017
“Our 2 rugs have been expertly cleaned, they look like
new again. We are very pleased with the result, such a
friendly service”
Mr Divett – Persian Silk Rug Cleaning, East Horsley, Surrey
October 2017
“Dan knew all about my rug – its probable age, place of
origin & how it was crafted. He took great care and
explained clearly the process. I have no hesitations in
recommending the Oriental Rug Spa”
Mrs Kettle – Chinese Rug Cleaning, Bramley, Guildford, Surrey.
October 2017
“Excellent service – superb and professional result for all
the rugs. The repaired fringe has restored the silk Qum
rug to perfection. Thank you”
Mrs Hartwell – Wool and Silk Rug Cleaning and Repair, Finchampstead, Wokingham, Berkshire.
October 2017
“Thank you for the first class job you made in cleaning our
Chinese carpets. They came back not only looking fresher
but feeling as soft and springy as new. An excellent service”
M&C – Chinese Rug Cleaning Camberley, Surrey
October 2017
“I have just had my Chinese rug cleaned by the Oriental Rug Spa
& I am very pleased with it’s appearance. The main blue colour
appears to be much brighter & the cream parts are much cleaner.
I would definitely recommend this company to clean any rug that
is precious to you. The whole service was excellent”
Mrs Warne – Chinese Rug Cleaning Brookwood, Woking, Surrey.
October 2017
“I received courteous, friendly and helpful service from Dan who
moved and replaced furniture with great care – the rugs look great!”
Mr Walker – Indian Rug Cleaning Odiham, Hook, Hampshire
October 2017
“An excellent and thoroughly professional service. I wouldn’t hesitate to
recommend the Oriental Spa to anyone”
Mr Hutchings – Qashgai Rug Cleaning Farnham, Surrey
October 2017
“Very effective Oriental rug cleaning along with friendly customer
service, highly recommended!”
Mr and Mrs Feely – Afghan Rug Cleaning and Deodorising, Ascot, Berkshire
October 2017
“Excellent service, very helpful staff, beautiful results!”
Ms Jeffs – Chinese Silk Rug Cleaning and Repair Hook, Hampshire
September 2017
“Received prompt response & quotation. Phoned to arrange
delivery to suit, we paid online but the rug was left on trust,
it looks brand new and we would definitely use them again”
Long term Fleet resident – Chinese Rug Cleaning
September 2017
“I’m still trying to find where the moth damage has been
repaired as it has been done so well! Took a while due
to holidays, but was worth the wait and can thoroughly
recommend this firm”
Mrs Smith – Persian Wool Rug Cleaning, Leatherhead
September 2017

“Delighted with the results of a recent clean to our Afghan rug.
Very helpful, knowledgeable, courteous and efficient service”
Mrs Stanley – Ziegler Rug Cleaning, Church Crookham, Fleet, Hampshire
September 2017
“Our carpet looked like new again. Thank you”
Mrs Paulsen – Pakistani Bokhara Silk Rug Cleaning and Fringe Repair, Bracknell, Berkshire
September 2017
“The rug has been restored to new condition and looks
wonderful in its new location. Moreover your care and
patience in helping to relay it exactly as required was
very much appreciated. We will certainly be using your
services again in the future”
Mr & Mrs T – Turkish Kayseri Rug Cleaning, Odiham, Hook, Hampshire
September 2017
“We are delighted with the service from everyone, the
results are amazing. I would not hesitate to recommend
this company to anyone who wants to entrust their
beloved rugs to someone who will really look after them
and restore them to their former glory”
Mrs Williams – Bakhtiari, Hamadan & Baluch Rug Cleaning,Ascot, Berkshire
September 2017
“Managed to bring our neglected rug back to its former glory.
Friendly, professional, and honest about potential problems.
Will definitely be using them again”
Topaz Mine – Silk Chinese Rug Cleaning, Church Crookham, Fleet, Hampshire
August 2017
“Oriental Rug Spa cleaned and repaired our rug beautifully.
It was collected and brought back very efficiently and we are
extremely pleased with the result”
Mr & Mrs Sykes – Antique Baluch Rug Cleaning and Repair, Waltham St Lawrence. Reading, Berkshire
August 2017
“I found the staff at Oriental Rug Spa helpful, accommodating
and knowledgeable. The quote was given to me in writing before
the rugs were removed, and that’s the price I paid on delivery.
Highly recommended”
Mrs Spence – Persian Wool Rug Cleaning, Churt. Farnham, Surrey
August 2017
“Knowledgeable, friendly and efficient service, and a
rejuvenated rug!”
Mrs Faulkner – Afghan Chobi Wool Rug Cleaning, Aldermaston, Reading, Berkshire.
August 2017
“We were absolutely astonished when our rug was returned
pristine, bright and looking better than it had in many a year
an excellent job. Thank you Oriental Rug Spa”
Mr and Mrs Brown – Chinese Wool Rug Cleaning, Aldershot, Hampshire.
August 2017
“Just a note to say a huge thank you for an excellent service
in cleaning my rug, I’m really impressed with the quality of
cleaning and the fantastic results”
Mrs Morrison – Persian Wool Rug Cleaning in Walton-On-Thames, Surrey.
July 2017
“I thought my rug was a right off after a water leak whilst in
storage and having been damaged. I was completely blown
away by the excellent professional job done”
Mr Nejat – Persian Nain Rug Cleaning in Sunningdale, Berkshire.
July 2017
“I would like to say that we have been very pleased with the
service and would recommend Oriental Rug Spa to anyone
wishing a speedy professional result”
Mr Jollyman – Chinese Rug Cleaning in Twyford, Berkshire.
June 2017
“The pre-inspection was carried out by a very enthusiastic and
knowledgeable person. He gave a very realistic appraisal of the
possible success of the treatment. The actual results were even
better and the 30 year old rug is back to its original appearance”
Mr Moore – Chinese Rug Cleaning in Basingstoke, Hampshire.
June 2017
“When I got my rugs back they looked brand new (even one
that had been used in a children’s playroom for several years!)
and I know I’ll be using Oriental Rug Spa again”
Ms Caudery – Moroccan Rug Cleaning in Gomshall, Guildford, Surrey.
May 2017
“I would highly recommend this carpet cleaning company after
they did a wonderful job of bringing my Chinese carpet back to
life. The results were fabulous.”
Mrs Renfrey – Chinese Rug Cleaning in Effingham, Leatherhead, Surrey.
May 2017
“Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. They did an excellent job
on the rug and communications were great. Thanks”
Mr Bromley – Persian Moud Rug Cleaning and Repair in Virginia Water, Berkshire.
April 2017
“Professional service with well informed advice. Would certainly
recommend especially for valuable rugs”
Mr Jonas – Indian Rug Cleaning in St Johns, Woking , Surrey.
April 2017
“A very professional service, Dan took the time to explain the process
for cleaning our Indian Rug. The carpet looked better than when we
bought it. Can highly recommend this company”
Mr & Mrs Orman – Silk/Wool Bukhara Rug Cleaning in Basingstoke , Hampshire.
April 2017
“Highly recommended. Very pleased with the results.
Excellent service”
E.R. – Silk Rug Cleaning in Esher , Surrey.
April 2017
“Extremely professional service. Pricing completely transparent
and quote given. Rug returned having been repaired and cleaned
and is virtually as new”
Mrs Swainson – Indian Persian Rug Cleaning in Claygate , Surrey.
March 2017
“Friendly, efficient, prompt service. Very pleased with outcome”
Mr & Mrs Spence – Afghan Rug Cleaning in Crowthorne , Berkshire.
March 2017
“Very helpful in explaining what could and could not be removed
by the cleaning, it was the rugs first clean in 20 years. I was amazed
how good it looked after Dan had worked his magic”
Alan – Chinese Rug Cleaning in Farnborough , Hampshire.
March 2017
“Excellent service. Our Bukhara rug looks like new. It has
recovered spectacularly from 30 years of dirt and grime!
Thank you very much indeed!”
Mr & Mrs W – Pakistani Bokhara Rug Cleaning in St Johns, Woking , Surrey.
March 2017
”My rugs came back looking totally revived – the colours, that I thought
were permanently faded, are much brighter now. I have already
recommended your services to a friend!”
Mr Reade – Afghan Ziegler Rug Cleaning in Windsor , Berkshire.
March 2017
”Service received was excellent and most professional. I would use
them every time and have no hesitation in recommending to any
one needing a professional and quality service”
Mr Brinsden – Persian Rug Cleaning in Sunninghill, Ascot , Berkshire.
February 2017
”Thank you for an excellent and professional service.
The rug looks like new.”
Mr Rattee – Moroccan Rug Cleaning in Chobham, Woking , Surrey.
February 2017
”Delighted to get my two rugs back today. Both beautifully cleaned and
repaired. Moth proof treatment free on the kilim was much appreciated.
Thank you for an excellent service.”
Mrs Gardiner – Turkish Rug Cleaning in Blackwater, Camberley , Surrey.
February 2017
”A complete and excellent service throughout! Rug cleaned beautifully
and Dan turned up exactly when he said he would. Altogether a very
professional company”
Mrs Donald – Chinese Rug Cleaning in Ewshot, Farnham , Surrey.
January 2017
”We would have no hesitation in recommending Dan Chapman and his
service in cleaning Oriental Rugs. Our four room sized rugs were removed,
cleaned and protected in two weeks and returned as new! The colours are
glowing again despite many years of heavy traffic”
Mr and Mrs Rayner – Persian and Afghan Rug Cleaning in Cobham , Surrey.
January 2017
”Excellent service and outstanding result”
JB – Chinese Rug Cleaning in Godalming , Surrey.
December 2016
”From start to finish we were treated with respect and politeness , from the
moment a quote was given we were not pressured or pestered all our questions
regarding the cleaning of our rugs were answered. The rugs were cleaned to a
very high standard, we were really surprised at how bright they looked and well
worth the money”
Mr and Mrs Woodfield – Chinese Rug Cleaning in Camberley , Surrey.
November 2016
”I thought I would have to replace the fireside rug because of dust from
my open fire, so I am amazed at what has been achieved by Oriental Rug Spa.
The pile feels deep, soft and clean, the colours bright and vibrant and even the
fringes look pristine. Thank you for such a wonderful result”
Mr and Mrs Stringer – Chinese Rug Cleaning in Upton Grey, Basingstoke , Hampshire.
November 2016
”We are thoroughly impressed with the cleaning of our large Chinese
rug, which needed a good clean. It has been expertly cleaned and I am
very happy with your service. All very professional. Thank you”
Mrs Jamieson – Rug Cleaning and Protecting in Virginia Water , Berkshire.
November 2016
”I was very happy with the service I received when I recently had my
Indian rug cleaned. Efficient collection and delivery service, where I
was kept informed along the way. Friendly service and great result. I
will not hesitate to use the service again and recommend to my
friends and family. Thank you”
Mrs Fribbens – Rug Cleaning and Protecting in Weybridge , Surrey.
October 2016
”First time we have used this service and very happy with the result.
Large rug brought back to vibrant colours after a “full works” clean.
Collected and delivered as advertised. Would recommend to anyone
wanting a really expert rug repair/clean!”
Mr & Mrs Swarbrick – Rug Cleaning and Anti Allergy Protecting in Yateley , Hampshire.
October 2016
”This is the first time we have used your services and we are delighted with
our choice. Our 3 rugs have come up like new and, even if we had been
able to buy replacement rugs at no doubt considerable cost, we are
confident that they wouldn’t have looked any better. We would have no
hesitation in recommending your services.”
Mr & Mrs Barker – Rug Cleaning and Protecting in Windsor , Berkshire.
October 2016
”A fantastic job well done. I’m amazed at how well Dan managed to get
rid of the horrendous smell of dog. My rug has been transformed back
to a fluffy delight to have in the room. Thanks very much”
Mrs Kilford – Rug Cleaning and Deodorising in Camberley , Surrey.
October 2016
”Hi Dan, Having used your service 3 times in past two years on my 9 year old
carpets I am delighted to say you have transformed them and in spite of my
red wine stains and general ware and tare they look great,. Thanks again for
your prompt and professional service”
Mr Coulter – Wool Rug Cleaning in Ascot, Berkshire.
October 2016
”Company took time and effort to explain the professional cleaning process,
plus home after care, of our rug. Their understanding of natural and
man-made fibres and dyes ensured that the rug emerged restored, possibly
better than when new”
Mrs P – Viscose Rug Cleaning in West End, Woking, Surrey
September 2016
”We had five rugs cleaned. This company provided the best carpet cleaning service we have ever used”
Mr Good – Rug Cleaning in Hook, Hampshire
September 2016
”WOW! Dan, thank you so much for the fantastic job and the amazing service.
Not only you brought my rug’s colours back to life, removed the dog smell and
the rug is back to its original softness, but you also repaired the fringe so well
that the damage caused by my dog is not visible any longer! Definitely recommend
Oriental Rug Spa”
Mrs Rossi – Rug Cleaning and Repair in Bagshot, Surrey
August 2016
”I would highly recommend Dan and the team. Everyone I spoke to was
courteous and helpful and they did an amazing job cleaning and repairing
my 2 Persian rugs. I am delighted with the result and would not hesitate to
use them again”
Mrs Wellesley-Wood – Antique Persian Rug Cleaning and Repair in Farnham, Surrey
August 2016
”A great service. Dan has a deep understanding of the different types of rugs
and was able to advise on what needed to be done with each of them. The
collection and delivery service was as promised and the quality of the cleaning
of a very high standard. Highly recommended”
Mrs Lacey – Persian and Oriental Rug Cleaning in West Byfleet, Surrey
August 2016
”Great service and Dan went out of his way to clean the rug before we moved.
Very helpful and thoroughly clean rug with a new lease of life. Thank you”
Mrs Teeuw – John Lewis Indian Rug Cleaning in Frimley Green, Camberley, Surrey
July 2016
”We found Dan Chapman both very pleasant and helpful at the assessment
of our rugs. They were returned when expected and we were delighted to see
the colours much brighter than before they were cleaned, they looked new
We can thoroughly recommend their service”
Mr & Mrs Stedman – Persian and Turkish Rug Cleaning in Farnham, Surrey
July 2016
”Excellent service and amazing job. We really thought it was the end of our rug,
but it was cleaned so well. It hasn’t looked so good in ages! Have already
recommended Oriental Rug Spa to others. Thank you for rescuing our rug!”
Mrs Bott – Kashmir Silk Rug Cleaning in Camberley, Surrey
July 2016
”Quality workmanship, job very well done”
Mr Ecker – Chinese Rug Cleaning in Fleet, Hampshire
March 2016
”Excellent in every way”
Mr McArthur – Chinese Rug Cleaning in Ascot, Berkshire
February 2016
”3 expensive large rug taken away for cleaning. Efficient, professional service.
Excellent results as described. No high powered salesmen. Work completed
earlier than suggested. I would recommend”
Mrs Gane – Rug Cleaning in Egham, Surrey
February 2016
”Prompt and efficient service. Very polite and considerate”
Mrs Edmonds – Rug Cleaning in Fleet, Hampshire
January 2016
“Excellent and efficient service”
Mrs Egan-Shepherd – Turkish Rug Cleaning in Fleet, Hampshire
December 2015
“Thank you for the excellent carpet cleaning you have
carried out on our Nepalese and oriental rugs. We are
absolutely thrilled, the heavy stains are completely
gone. The rugs look as good as new”
Mrs Luecker – Nepalese and Persian Nain Rug Cleaning in Virginia Water, Berkshire
November 2015
“Excellent service”
Mrs Bramley – Afghan Ziegler Rug Cleaning in Windsor, Berkshire
November 2015
”Efficient high quality work”
Mr and Mrs Penny – Persian Qoltuq Bidjar Rug Cleaning in Elstead, Godalming, Surrey
October 2015
”Excellent service, punctual, value for money”
Mrs Velati – Chinese Rug Cleaning in Woking, Surrey
October 2015
”1st class service. A thorough and professional service from start to finish.
We were kept informed of the times for the collection and return of our rug..
This is a customer friendly company willing to go ‘the extra mile’. We will
definitely recommend them. Thank you”
Mr Roberts – Afghan Rug Cleaning in Cobham, Surrey
September 2015
”Service was excellent”
Mrs Lenane – Rug Cleaning in Esher, Surrey
July 2015
”Remarkable job in cleaning, I will recommend this company”
Mr Cleret – Rug Cleaning in Worplesdon, Guildford, Surrey
July 2015
”Knowledgeable, prompt and efficient”
Mrs Phillips – Nepalese, Indian and Persian Rug Cleaning in Farnborough, Hampshire
July 2015
”Persian carpet cleaned. Efficient and professional,
clean and within good time”
Mrs Jones – Persian Isfahan Rug Cleaning in Weybridge, Surrey
April 2015
”Excellent service. Attentive, timely, thorough,
knowledgeable and skilled”
Mr Wells – Persian Wool Rug Cleaning in Horsell, Woking, Surrey
March 2015
”Rug cleaning – excellent and better than I expected”
Mr Brandon – Wool Rug Cleaning in West Byfleet, Surrey
March 2015
”Collected, cleaned and returned 3 rugs. I would
recommend this company”
Miss Harrison – Wool Rug Cleaning in Windsor, Berkshire
March 2015
”Excellent customer service, very courteous, great cleaning result”
Mr Roberts – Wool Rug Cleaning in Ascot, Berkshire
February 2015
”Could not be faulted”
Mrs King – Wool Rug Cleaning in Lower Bourne, Farnham, Surrey
February 2015
”Clean/ wash oriental silk and wool carpet. Quick and excellent service.
The owner, Dan Chapman, very knowledgeable, pleasant and courteous”
Ms Sheppard – Silk and Wool Rug Cleaning in Englefield Green, Egham, Berkshire
February 2015
”I deal with a lot of people in business, but I must say how impressed
I am with your company, and the way you constantly keep in
communication since I first made contact with you”
Mrs Green – Indian Rug Cleaning in Esher, Surrey
January 2015
”Excellent! I have no hesitation in recommending them especially
for their efficiency and politeness as well as great looking finished
Mrs Marsh – Rug Cleaning in Puttenham, Guildford Surrey
November 2014
”Excellent service, full description of work, delivery on day arranged”
Mrs Marsh – Rug Cleaning in Hook, Hampshire
November 2014
”A delight to deal with such an efficient and professional company”
Mrs D – Indian Dhurrie Rug Cleaning in Horsell, Woking, Surrey
November 2014
”My 30 year old Chinese rug was returned to me looking as new
as the day it was bought. Excellent service. Will use again”
Mrs Meaton – Chinese Rug Cleaning in Pyrford, Woking, Surrey
October 2014
”The rug cleaning service was well explained so that we knew
what would be included in the cleaning. The work was
completed to a good standard”
Mrs Mendham – Rug Cleaning in Woking, Surrey
October 2014
”Excellent communication, information and expertise.
Friendly and courteous. Rug cleaning far exceeded expectation.
Have already booked for further work”
Mrs G – Rug Cleaning in Send, Woking, Surrey
October 2014
”The service Daniel Chapman provided was superb. The rugs look
terrific and a very prompt turnaround”
Mrs Westwell – Rug Cleaning in Horsell, Woking, Surrey
July 2014
”Professional, polite, thorough, careful. Very pleased how
Chinese rugs were cleaned. Would use them again”
Miss Reeves – Chinese Rug Cleaning in Godalming, Surrey
January 2014
”Good communication, by phone and email, open and honest.
Knowledgeable and trustworthy meeting at home”
Mr & Mrs Berry – Indo Persian Rug Cleaning in Godalming, Surrey
January 2014
”Demonstration firstly of how rugs are cleaned and treated. Very good.
Efficient connection and return. Very helpful in returning to their
correct place in room”
Ms Britton – Persian Rug Cleaning in Esher, Surrey
November 2013
”Very professional, polite, careful and excellent job”
Mrs Borrows – Antique Persian Rug Cleaning in Puttenham, Guildford, Surrey
July 2013

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Pakistani Bukhara - Oriental Rug Cleaning Lightwater

Distinctive Pakistani Bukhara Rug

Rug Cleaning Lightwater - Oriental Rug Spa offer a specialist Persian, Oriental and Contemporary rug cleaning and rug repair service, covering Lightwater, Surrey.  If you live in Lightwater and have a dirty or soiled rug that needs professional cleaning, then why not give us a call on 01276 423150.  You can drop the rug into our wash facility or arrange a time for us to collect from you.

The rug wash process required can differ from rug to rug, so we offer various methods of rug cleaning, from full immersion washing to dry cleaning.  All rug fibres can be cared for - wool, cotton, silk, viscose, rayon.  We can carry out a pet stain and odour treatment, moth treatment and apply a fibre protection to resist against soiling and staining.  We have extensive experience with cleaning antique rugs and rugs with unstable dyes and offer a rug repair service, including fringes, sides and pile reweaving.

Bukhara Rug - Rug Cleaning Lightwater

Bukhara Rug Design

The two images show a large room sized 14' x 10' Pakistani Bukhara (Bokhara) rug.  The overall 'gul' design is typical and easily recognisable.

Pakistani Bukara rugs are probably one of the most common rugs that we see at our rug cleaning facility.  They tend to be finely woven and reasonably priced.  Therefore these rugs are of decent quality and good value.

To save time and expense, many rugs may be woven side by side on the same loom.  The rugs are then cut into individual pieces, making smaller rugs. The sides are then bound to reinforce the rug.  Unfortunately the sides are not very robust and can be weakened when subjected to the beater bar brush of vacuum cleaners.  This type of damage can be repaired easily and cheaply, but if left too long can lead to pile being lost, leading to much more expensive repair.

Rugs are usually named after the areas or towns where they were produced.  But Pakistani Bukhara rugs are named after the city where they were marketed and sold and not where they were woven.

Oriental Rug Spa have been caring for rugs since 1989.  Offering a Persian, Oriental and Contemporary Rug cleaning and repair service for Camberley, Lightwater, Bagshot, Bracknell, Chobham, Woking, Fleet, Farnborough, Hartley Wintney, Hook, West Byfleet, Windlesham,  Ascot, Virginia Water, Egham, Guildford, Godalming, Walton-On-Thames, Farnham, Esher, Cobham,  Weybridge, Wokingham, Windsor, Crondall, Yateley and the surrounding areas.

Please call or fill in the contact form if you’d like more information.

Get A Quote

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Recent Work

Rug Cleaning - Shepperton, Surrey

100% Wool Bukhara Rug – Washed January 2022

Rug Cleaning - Farnham, Surrey

Persian Wool & Silk Rug
Washed January 2022

Rug Cleaning - Bagshot, Surrey

Kashmir Wool & Silk Rug
Washed January 2022

Rug Cleaning - Upper Hale, Farnham, Surrey

Afghan Chobi Rug
Washed January 2022

Rug Cleaning - Farnborough, Hampshire

Afghan Ziegler Rug
Washed January 2022

Rug Cleaning - West Clandon, Guildford, Surrey

Persian Bidjar Rug
Washed January 2022

Rug Cleaning - Frimley, Camberley, Surrey

Belgian Wilton Rug
Washed January 2022

Rug Cleaning - Crondall, Farnham, Surrey

Persian Qashgai Runner
Washed January 2022

Rug Cleaning - Ascot, Berkshire

Persian Tabriz Rug
Washed January 2022

Rug Cleaning - Lightwater, Surrey

Karabagh Rug
Washed January 2022

Rug Cleaning - Hartley Wintney, Hook, Hampshire

Chinese Peking Rug
Washed December 2021

Rug Cleaning - Hook, Hampshire

Moroccan Kelim Rug
Washed December 2021

Rug Cleaning - Shalford, Guildford, Surrey

100% Wool Turkish Rug
Washed December 2021

Rug Cleaning - Oxshott, Leatherhead, Surrey

100% Wool Azeri Rug
Washed December 2021

Rug Cleaning - Finchampstead, Wokingham, Berkshire

Sino Persian Rug
Washed December 2021

Rug Cleaning - Pirbright, Woking, Surrey

Afghan Ziegler Rug
Washed December 2021

Rug Cleaning - Fetcham, Leatherhead, Surrey

Turkish Dosemealti Runner
Washed November 2021

Rug Cleaning - Sindlesham, Wokingham, Berkshire

Chinese Rug
Washed November 2021

Rug Cleaning - Eversley, Hook, Hampshire

100% Wool Persian Qashgai Rug – Washed November 2021

Rug Cleaning - West Byfleet, Surrey

Kashmir Wool and Silk Rug
Washed November 2021

Rug Cleaning - Frimley Green, Surrey

Contemporary Wool Rug
Washed November 2021

Rug Cleaning - Effingham, Surrey

Afghan Kazak Rug
Washed November 2021

Rug Cleaning - Woking, Surrey

Turkish Dosemealti Rug
Washed November 2021

Rug Cleaning - Godalming, Surrey

Indo Persian Wool and Viscose Rug
Washed November 2021

Rug Cleaning - Wokingham, Berkshire

Pakistani Rug
Washed October 2021

Rug Cleaning - Frensham, Farnham, Surrey

Caucasian Shirvan Rug
Washed October 2021

Rug Cleaning - Twyford, Reading, Berkshire

Contemporary Wool and Silk Nepalese Rug
Washed October 2021

Rug Cleaning - Fleet, Hampshire

Contemporary Indian Rug
Washed October 2021

Rug Cleaning - Virginia Water, Surrey

Antique Rose Karabagh Rug
Washed October 2021

Rug Cleaning - East Clandon, Guildford, Surrey

Antique Persian Rug
Washed September 2021

Rug Cleaning - Farncombe, Godalming, Surrey

Persian Kashan Rug
Washed September 2021

Rug Cleaning - Wraysbury, Berkshire

Antique Persian Rug
Washed September 2021

Rug Cleaning - Grayshott, Hindhead, Surrey

100% Wool Turkman Rug
Washed September 2021

Rug Cleaning - West Clandon, Guildford, Surrey

Antique Persian Malayer Rug
Washed September 2021

Rug Cleaning - Englefield Green, Egham, Surrey

Sino Persian Rug
Washed August 2021

Rug Cleaning - Shepperton, Surrey

Caucasian Runner
Washed August 2021

Rug Cleaning - Datchet, Slough, Berkshire

Afghan Kazak Runner
Washed August 2021

Rug Cleaning - Windlesham, Surrey

Persian Wool and Silk Rug
Washed August 2021

Rug Cleaning - Farnham, Surrey

Persian Wool and Silk Rug
Washed August 2021

Rug Cleaning - Ockham, Woking, Surrey

Afghan Kilim Rug
Washed August 2021

Rug Cleaning - Egham, Surrey

Contemporary Wool & Viscose Rug
Washed August 2021

Rug Cleaning - West End, Woking, Surrey

Kashmir Silk Prayer Rug
Washed July 2021

Rug Cleaning - Farnborough, Hampshire

Persian Bidjar Runner
Washed July 2021

Rug Cleaning - Henley On Thames, Oxfordshire

Nepalese Wool Rug
Washed July 2021

Rug Cleaning - Crondall, Farnham, Surrey

Khan Mohammadi Rug
Washed July 2021

Rug Cleaning - Guildford, Surrey

Contemporary Wool & Viscose Rug
Washed July 2021

Rug Cleaning - Claygate, Esher, Surrey

Kazak Rug – Washed June 2021

Rug Cleaning - Walton On Thames, Surrey

Persian Wool and Silk Tabriz Rug
Washed June 2021

Rug Cleaning - Frimley, Camberley, Surrey

Iwan Maktabi Bamboo Silk Rug
Washed June 2021

Rug Cleaning - Windsor, Berkshire

Contemporary Nepalese Rug
Washed June 2021

Rug Cleaning - Milford, Godalming, Surrey

Persian Wool & Silk Kashan Rug
Washed June 2021


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