Fibre Protection

Fibre Protection

Oriental Rug Fibre Protection

Water Beading on Protected Fibres

After your rugs have been cleaned, they will be free of damaging soil and contaminants that can cause premature wear. The fibres will feel softer and the once dull colours will be richer and revitalised. In order to preserve the improved appearance of your rug, it makes perfect sense to have a protective treatment applied after washing. The protection will create an invisible barrier which coats each individual fibre, making it more difficult for soiling and staining to penetrate. The protective barrier will also ensure that regular vacuuming will be more effective, as the soil will be sitting on the tips of the fibres waiting to be easily removed. If a liquids gets spilled on the rug, then we suggest that kitchen roll be used to absorb the moisture fully. Just place a few sheets, thickly folded to aid absorption, and apply pressure by standing on the area. If a stain is still visible then a small amount of cold water can be applied and the kitchen roll technique repeated. Future cleans will be more effective and any spots more likely to be removed if a protective treatment has been applied. The fibres will also stand up better to excessive wear due to the barrier of protection which is in place.

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