Pet Stain & Odour Treatment

Pet Stain & Odour Treatment


Pet stains and odour problems are the most common concerns that we see at our rug care facility. The only way to have the urine removed is to fully wash the rug, utilising the correct chemistry to deal with the urine. The pet urine will not only be present within the face fibres of the rug, it will also be in the back, otherwise known as the foundation.

Pet accidents can cause serious damage to your rugs if not dealt with quickly. The urine can cause unsightly yellow patches which cannot always be removed. The dyes will also be compromised, and it is possible that they will become unstable. When urine first comes into contact with the rug it will be in an acid state. But over a period of a few days it will turn increasingly alkaline, affecting the acid dyes, sometimes causing colours to bleed.

When dealing with rugs contaminated with pet urine, it is important to firstly treat the rug with the appropriate product which will neutralise the urine salts. pet stain and odour on rugThe pre treatment will weaken the urine's crystaline structure, relaxing its hold on the rug's fibres, in turn, making it easier to flush the contaminant away. Once all the urine has been flushed away and the rinse water is running clear, the rug will be washed with a deodorising treatment designed to sanitise the fibres, making your rug clean, fresh and healthy once again.

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Pet Urine In Rug