Rug Care Tips

Rug Care Tips

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuum your rugs regularly to remove dry damaging soil. Vacuuming will also prevent the natural fibres from becoming matted and flattened. If you have an old, antique or fine pile rug, then using a cylinder vacuum cleaner without a rotating brush is advisable to avoid possible damage. Be very careful when vacuuming near the fringe to ensure it doesn’t become caught up in the brush. The fringe is integral to the construction of the rug and any damage will de-value the rug.

Rotate To Spread Wear

Rotate your rugs every couple of months to avoid one area becoming more soiled or worn than another.

Treat Any Spills Immediately

Absorb any spillages quickly with kitchen towel, repeatedly applying pressure to the area until no more moisture can be seen on the towel. A small amount of water can be applied to dilute the spillage, followed up with more kitchen towel absorption. Don’t apply any detergent as you may risk colour bleed while leaving dirt-attracting residue behind.

Vacuum Under Furniture

Move furniture and vacuum underneath once a month to ensure you have no carpet moth eating the woollen fibres. Moths especially like areas under furniture where they can thrive undisturbed, feasting on your expensive rug for many months.

Place Cushioning Underneath

On hard floors, cut a piece of rubber underlay slightly smaller than the rug and place underneath. The rug will not ‘travel’ so readily, and will be more comfortable to walk on while protecting the fibres from excessive wear.

Vacuum The Back

Once a month turn the rug over and run an upright vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush over the back. This will remove dry soil which, over time, cuts away at the fibres, causing the rug to wear out quicker.

Professionally Clean

Have your rugs professionally cleaned every 1 – 2 years to remove compacted soil, staining, germs, bacteria and dust mites. Professional cleaning also ensures a healthy indoor environment for you and your family.

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